Sea Port of Madingo-Kayes Maps, Congo, Republic Of The

Port Location: Madingo-Kayes
Port Name: Port of Madingo-Kayes
Port Authority:
Address: Madingo-Kayes Congo, Republic of
800 Number:
Web Site:
Latitude: 4° 28' 27" S
Longitude: 11° 42' 59" E
Port Type: Pier, Jetty or Wharf
Port Size: Very Small

UN/LOCODE is a geographical code developed and managed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (CEE-ONU or UNECE), an agency of the United Nations.
The UN/LOCODE code consists of five letters: the first two letters come from the ISO 3166-1 alpha 2 country list. The following three letters characterize the place.

Example : CN SHA for Shanghai in China (CN)
Example : BE ANR for Antwerp in Belgium (BE)