What are the advantages of freight-comparator.com for
importers / exporters


Search in the freight forwarders directory for the partner you are interested in and start chatting in the live chat.

Discuss your shipping needs, conditions and get the best quotes for sea, air, rail or raod freight.
You can save up to 30% by comparing freight forwarders.


If you are interested in the quote, the forwarder sends you an an order form in your dashboard and freight-comparator.com sends you a secure payment link.You pay freight-comparator.com and not the freight forwarder.

Your payment is protected until the freight forwarder performs the service you have agreed.You take no risk. Multitude payment solution adapted to your geographic location.

Your tracking number will be sent to you by the forwarder in your dashboard. Keep in touch.

To continue to offer you secure payments, manage your booking as well as possible, quality customer service and platform improvement, freight-comparator.com will add a reasonable € 15 fee per transaction.

A real human to human service and not human to robot.