TRAXENS the best solution for container tracking

Container Tracking

CMA CGM is well-known French firm specialized in container transportation and shipping has announced that it started to apply a new creative solution for container tracking.

In the same announcement, the company declared the commercialization of TRAXENS and that it has plans to make it available in very soon to all its customers.?

TRAXENS is a connected device solution. It is a box fixed on a container to make the container trackable. The box will measure the container position no matter where it is or how far it is. Additionally, it will provide the customers with extremely sensible information such as the intensity of potential shocks and external temperature variations.

?It should be noted that CMA GCM has tested the device thousands of times and it works perfectly. Consequently, the company started deploying it on a large scale.

This device will enable clients to be constantly aware of the position of their shipments. It will allow them to track their cargo a second by second until it is delivered.

One of the impressive features of this device is that the data is transmitted in near-real-time, thus, the customers are updated in real time which improves supply chain and makes it very simple.

In addition to the device, CMA GCM deploys a project team that follows the customers, supports them and helps them use the device and analyze and understand their data. This ultimately works in the interest of the clients as it will help them identify logistic problems and face them with an effective solution that will ameliorate the shipping cost of their cargo.

Mathieu Friedberg, CMA CGM senior vice-president of commercial and agency network, points out that : “CMA CGM reaffirms its Customer Centricity Strategy by offering this innovative solution. With nearly 19 million containers carried in 2017, the generalization of smart containers in the Group?fleet will allow to collect and analyze a lot of information necessary to improve the service offered to customers and will help them optimize their supply chain

The recent collaboration of CMA CGM with Shone an American company that operates in embedding artificial intelligence (AI) on board ships suggests that the French company is seeking to develop AI-based systems on board container ships.


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