The Most Used Cargo Container Types

Cargo Container Types

Sea freight besides being the most popular shipping method is also the oldest. This industry emerged 6000 years ago and has been developing ever since. The demand for sea shipping has reached a dramatic level in the 20th century. In order to cope with these rising demands, the number, type, speed and tonnage of cargo ships have increased continuously. In this article, we have listed the most used cargo container types. These container types are not only popular but also cost-effective.

Container Ships

Container ships emerged in 1960. They aim at combining transportation on land and sea routes using standard-sized containers. These ships do not contain loading and loading equipment, thus they need specially equipped ports to unload the shipments on board.

Container ships come in different sizes. Some of these ships length reaches 400m with a capacity of 18,270 TEUs. These ships are usually fast. Their average speed ranges between 18-25 knots. They are ideal to ship urgent cargos.

Ro-Ro Ships

These ships are mainly used to transport wheeled cargo trailers. The cargo is loaded to the ships via single or multiple ramps. Their size and form vary widely depending on the need. The most common ones are :

- vehicle ferries
- cargo vessels (which are used for truck trailers, railroad cars, etc.)
- car carriers

Break Bulk Vessels

These containers are designed to carry break bulk cargo, also known as general cargo such as grain and oil. These cargos must be loaded individually, and not in intermodal containers not in bulk. These containers were very popular and widely used in shipping liquid cargos, however, with the invention of special cargo ships such as bulk cargo, container, Ro-Ro, etc., they started to lose their importance.

Barge Carriers

These carriers introduced to service in the late 1960s in an attempt to reduce the time spent by ships in ports. These ships make the loading and unloading possible at the harbors gates. Thus, they do not approach ports. Barge carriers are common and they are occasionally used as container ships.

Bulk Vessels

The vessels are mainly used to transport dry bulk cargos such as sugar, coal, fertilizers, ore, and grain. These vessels do not contain a loading and unloading crane, thus they require a conveyor or a port with special equipment

These are the most used cargo vessel types. We recommend these vessels as they are highly reliable and suitable for any business.


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