Smart containers

If you are into the shipping business, you must have heard of “Smart Containers”. It is perceived that at the end of this year and the beginning of the New Year, the world will witness expansion in the use of smart containers.

The shipping industry is always progressing and adopting new technologies. Embracing technologies is the key factor in making it in this business. The best proof of that is, leading shipping companies such as Maersk are always investing in new technologies. So what are smart containers? What are their benefits? And what will be their roles in the future? Go on and find out.

Smart Containers

Smart Containers is a term refers to containers that are smart connected to ships through advanced technologies. Technological companies such as TRAXENS develop shipboard systems that allow ships to track every step the containers go through.

Due to this system, the container will always remain connected to this ship whether it is on land or in the sea. The system collects data about the containers such as location, temperature, humidity level, vibrations, impacts, attempted burglary, customs clearance status and more, while it is in transit. Then, this data will be transferred to the headquarter of the company that provided the system to be analyzed and studied.

The first smart container ship in the world is CMA CGM Bougainville. It can carry up to an 18,000 TEU vessel. It came to service in 2014 and it triggered a race to this shipboard system’s technology. The smartest container in the world is “Container42”. It can collect data for two years while traveling around the world. This data revolves mainly about vibrations, pitch, position, noise, air pollution, temperature and humidity among other things.

The Benefits of Smart Containers

The shipping industry is facing many problems such as the lack of real-time control and visibility. Smart containers will change this by bringing efficiency in services, security, and safety. It will improve the whole supply chain and provide accurate information easily and efficiently. Here are some major benefits of using smart containers:

- You have 24/7 access to your shipments.
- You can track your shipment anywhere and anytime.
- Improve cargo management quality by providing accurate decisive data.
- Provides details on the security of your cargo.
- Help you identify new market leads and opportunities
- Improve your inventory management
- Allow you to remotely control and adjust the temperature of refrigerated containers and will allow resource optimization for routine inspections
- Provide decisive data for insurance procedures
- Improve customs clearance practices

In brief, smart containers transmit near real-time data on your containers’ movement and conditions providing you with more transparency, safety, and cost-efficiency. It will help you grow your business and improve the management of your entire supply chain. Having unique solutions for monitoring and collecting information in real-time, anywhere in the world will definitely make you a global leader in a dominating and a highly competitive business.

The Future of The Shipping Business With Smart Containers

It is a known fact that containers are a crucial part of the shipping business. Indeed, they are the main elements of this business. In a world where 90\ of our consumption is shipped, containers will always be indispensable and they will always be developed and improved.

Smart containers are the future of the shipping business. The success in this business requires continuity in supply chain and disruption is costly. Big companies have other problems to deal with such as Bad weather, labor disputes, shortages, defective materials and transportation issues.

In order to have total control over your company’s supply chain, you will need visibility. Smart containers provide visibility and transparency. They will allow you to monitor in real-time a containers exact locations on a vessel, temperature, and humidity levels, etc. It will make it easy for you to acquire information that is vital and decisive to the growth of your company.

Maersk declared that it will equip 50,000 dry cargo containers with smart container technology. This proves that smart containers will shape the future of the shipping business. Eventually, they will not replace the existing logistics model, but they will transform it into something better and more efficient. The ultimate goal is to make sure that the quality of individual goods stay high during their transit and find a safe and secure way to their final destination by using the connected transportation containers of Smart Containers.


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