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Shipping Calculator For Best Freight Quote

When you buy any merchandise it is very important to know the shipping cost of the goods. There are a lot of goods that may be cheap when you buy them but they will cost you a lot when they are shipped because of their size. Shipping companies calculate the shipping price by volume weight or actual weight (the most between them). Therefore the best way to get the best freight rate is to allow a shipping calculator do it for you.

Freight Comparator

Freight Comparator provides an estimate of the total shipping cost (shipping rates, custom taxes and fees) for shopping and delivering your packages globally to your final address. It is important to note that the shipping cost is based on actual weight or volumetric weight whichever is greater. Volumetric weight is the actual size of the box in which the trader packs what you bought, not the products themselves.

Why Choose Freight Comparator

Freight Comparator gives you Instant international freight rate for shipping by ocean, air, and truck. It contains the world’s largest database of freight rates. Besides, our shipping calculator is the easiest to use and the simplest to understand.

Freight comparator is not only a shipping calculator but also a business facilitator. It puts you in contact with importers, exporters, and freight forwarders from all over the world.

Here you can find the lowest shipping rates to Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Brazil, Israel, Canada, Angola, the United Kingdom, Norway, South Africa, Russia, Italy, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, United States, and many more countries.

How to Calculates Shipping Rates

Calculating shipping rates is easy with freight comparator. All you need to do is to follow the below steps:

- Select the type of container.
- Enter your load origin and destination.
- Search

When using the air freight cost calculator and to know the shipping cost more accurately, the dimensions of the shipment must be entered to calculate the volumetric weight. The shipping cost is calculated based on the larger weight between the actual weight and the volumetric weight.

Benefits of Using our Shipping Calculator

Freight comparator allows you to:

-To know the best price (prepaid) in which the products must be offered for sale to achieve the best satisfactory profits for you, or at best not to achieve the loss.
- Find out the details of all the fees collected
- Quick Calculation

Freight comparator is definitely the best shipping calculator. It is efficient, quick and transparent. Using this platform to get the best freight rates will definitely give a boost to your business.


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