Importing cars from Japan

Importing From Japan

Importing cars from Japan may seem a complicated task for many importers especially if they are beginners or new to the Asian market, but, frankly, it is not that difficult. Exporting cars internationally can be complex and confusing, so it is best for you to conduct adequate research and hire a reputable car company to help you.

Although Japan is one of the largest markets in the world, many businessmen are still not familiar with the process to import cars from Japan to the US, UK, and other European countries. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss auctions, benefits, cars dealers, taxes, and popular cars for import.

How to import Cars from Japan

There are a bunch of sites that you can use to find cars that you want to import from Japan. Auction sites are one of the ways to find nice Japanese cars. Auction sites have thousands of vehicles to choose from, and you will definitely find what you are looking for here.

Japanese car companies/websites can usually arrange everything for you (for a fee). They can arrange assembly and delivery to the port of your choice and also the necessary checks.


Shipping costs from Japan to the US are from $2,300 to $5,400 for most vehicles. The shipment usually takes between 5 and 29 days. However, this highly depends on the season and the types of cars you are importing.

The fees may vary based on a number of factors, such as car sizes, distance from the dealer to the port and any additions you add to the shipping such as shipping insurance. There are a good number of fees to keep in mind, so be sure to take these charges into account when making your payments.

Instead of using the dealer (the car company), you may be able to contact someone you can trust in all your purchases and other arrangements, such as checking your cars, re-registering, and making sure you get to the boat.

Benefits of Importing Cars From Japan

Japan is famous all around the world for the reliability of its cars, so it is obvious why many people choose to import cars from there. Japan has many major brands of cars such as Toyota, Honda, and Mazda. These cars are very popular not only because they are reliable but also quite affordable.

Import Taxes From Japan

Taxes for importing cars from Japan vary depending on the country you are importing, the size of the shipment and season. There are many factors that will determine the tax that you will have to pay such as the distance between the booking facility and the port. The cost of transport depends on how long this distance is.

Besides, there are other charges related to your import such as VAT to import a car from Japan to the UK which is set at about 20% of FOB import tax import tax.

Importing cars from Japan is recommended for two main reasons. Japanese cars are reliable and inexpensive. If you are truly considering entering this business, we definitely encourage you. It is safe and beneficial.


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