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Tracking Products With China Post

Due to the huge technological development, the world has seen, online trade, commerce, and business have become very popular and widespread. In fact, managing business through online operations became the new trend. Since 90% of our daily consumption is shipped products, Chinese products are the most popular because they are very cheap and extremely available.

China post is heavily engaged in the shipping business. It delivers shipments in China and beyond. The Chinese postal operator is very reliable and it can deliver shipments and goods from all trading platforms. Therefore, China Post became the most popular postal service on online markets such as Aliexpress, DealExterme, FastTech, eBay... Etc.

Chinese Products

Many people tend to buy from Chinese online marketplaces because they offer diversified products and low prices. They also offer free shipping services. You can easily track your shipment and find out all the details about its movement, location, and state by the Chinese post services. However, in order to be able to track your shipment, you should have the tracking number which can have 11-digit (84155469312) or 13 alphanumeric characters (UG533573760CN).

How To Truck Your Shipment

Tracking your shipment is not difficult. There are several ways to track a shipment. The most known way is through the Chinese Post. China post website allows you to track your shipment whether it is in China or beyond. If you are using registered airmail you will be able to track your shipment anywhere in the world. As for unregistered packages, they are only trackable within the Chinese territories. However, The Chinese post website is a bit complicated and it can give you occasionally wrong information such as wrong city names.

China Post Register Airmail

This is the most economical post shipping service. It is also quite slow. This service is very recommended if you are not in haste to receive your goods. Shipping through China post register mail means that you will receive your shipment within 2 to 4 weeks if you do not live in China. Register Airmail has a 13-digit tracking code that starts with the letter "R" and ends with the letter "CN". To track China Post Airmail go to this website

Tracking China Post Unregistered Mail

Unregistered China Post packages can be tracked the same way as registered airmail. Unregistered shipments have an 11-digit code (84155469312) or 13 alphanumeric characters code (UG533573760CN)that starts with the letter "R" and ends with the letter "CN". However, once your package leaves the Chinese territories, you can no longer track it. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use China Post Registered Airmail for valuable shipments.

Recommended Tracking Websites is fast and simple and it is the best website to truck one Shipment. This website provides information about the shipment such as its location and status. Unfortunately, you can only track a single shipment and you have to enter a verification code which can be very complicated for some people. this website allows you to track more than one shipment and it does not ask for a verification code. It also provides detailed information about your shipment.

Delayed Shipments

When using China post, sometimes some shipments arrive late or cannot be trucked. Rest assured that your shipment is safe and it is on the way. China is a very large country and sometimes it can take a little longer than expected to get a shipment to its final destination. Thus, when your shipment is a bit late, it does not mean that there is something wrong going.

Tracking your shipments is very important especially if you are an online buyer or seller. China post shipping makes tracking your packages not only accessible but also easy and reliable.


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