CGMP Warehousing

Current Good Manufacturing Practices

CGMP is a set of standards and regulations that are applicable to any organization or company that sells drugs, supplements, food, cosmetics, and any other medical product. Your supply chain should meet these standards and regulations. In this article, we will explain CGMP and we will highlight its importance.

What is CGMP ?

CGMP refers to Current Good Manufacturing Practices. It is a set of regulations introduced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to make sure that manufacturers of food, cosmetics, drugs, and supplements are taking proper measures to deliver products safely to consumers.

If you want to meet these standards and regulations, you should apply the following tips:

- Give your workers a roadmap for CGMP compliance.
- Encourage them to follow the procedures and the instructions of the map
- Make sure that your equipment and facility are safe
- Protect your products against contamination

Conduct planned and periodic audits and inspections for compliance and performance across your supply chain.

The importance of CGMP

The CGMP aims to protect consumers lives. These standards and regulation are introduced to guarantee that no consumers shall get sick or ill from consuming certain products. The CGMP also protect companies by making sure that companies produce healthy and safe products. Therefore, in order to avoid lawsuits and accusation, your company should make the following efforts:

- Test the products according to CGMP standards
- Manufacter drugs under CGMP practices and standards
- Make sure that your facility is in good condition
- Properly calibrate and maintain equipment
- Provide all employees with the training they need to become qualified
- Make sure that processes are reliable

Qualifying for CGMP

It is easy for logistics companies to qualify for CGMP. All it takes to qualify for CGMP is to implement the standards of CGMP, regularly monitor the warehouse, document all processes and procedures governed by the regulations. This way a warehouse will pass all of the inspections by licensed authorities.

If you want your warehouse to be qualified as safe by the Food and Drug Administration, it should meet the following aspects:

- Pest Control: Eliminating pests is essential for your warehouse to be qualified by the FDA. Make sure that there are no birds, rats, cockroaches, ants, and other pests in your warehouse or near your products.

- Warehouse Safety: Safety procedures should be in their place. Your warehouse should contain first aid boxes, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers.

- Training: Your warehouse staff should be highly trained

- Warehouse Construction: Roads and parking lots around your house should be safe and secured especially during rainy and snowy seasons.

- Transportation: Your trucks should be regularly inspected to make sure there are no leaks, nails, damaged flooring, and screws.

This is all the information you need about CGMP. You should keep in mind that the regulations and the standards of CGMP are very important and should be respected and followed. Otherwise, your product will face a lot of problems and may not be able to enter the US.

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