Best tips to save money on international shipping

Best tips to save money on international shipping

Besides being complicated, international shipping could also be extremely expensive. Therefore, a careful planning is required to manage the cost of the shipping effectively. Therefore, we will provide you with the best techniques to save money on international shipping.

1. Plan your shipment ahead

Planning your shipment ahead will allow you to establish a required delivery date that allows time to ship via ocean freight, versus air freight, will help you maintaining transportation costs relatively low. Air freight is more expensive than other methods of freight due to its speed. Thus, planning your moves in advance and taking advantage of competitive ocean freight rates is definitely a cost-effective technique.

2. Be careful in choosing a foreign supplier

Make sure that the costs of goods provided by your supplier are reasonable. High costs can lead to a complicated situation when duty rates and fees are applied. In order to avoid such complications, you should get your goods from the closest supplier with a high Ex Works Costs (EWC).

3. Choose a good freight forwarder

The lowest quoted price does not necessarily mean the lowest spending. In order to keep your shipping bill reasonable, you need to ask your freight forwarder to provide you with all of the costs involved in shipping. Establishing a collaborative relationship with your freight forwarder is a key factor in keeping shipping costs low.

4. Consolidation shipments

If your shipment is less than truckload, it is highly advisable that you consider a freight consolidation service. This service is mainly the combination of your shipment with other small ones to ship together. Thus, this will result in a noticeable reduction of shipping costs. It is one of the best ways to save your money.

5. Avoid mistakes

There are many common mistakes that shippers made such as the weight and the freight classes are not in line with the carriers class. This, although it seems a quite simple mistake, will result in greater costs and delay in storage.


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