7 tips to avoid extra shipping cost when shopping online

Extra Shipping Cost When Shopping Online

Many people prefer online shopping. These days, there are several reasons to visit online shops. Online shops offer very seductive prices that most people cannot resist. However, sometimes people are hit by extremely costly and expensive shipping costs. Shipping is expensive and sometimes shipping a product to certain countries can cost more than the product itself. To get the best deal when shopping online, you should keep in mind these 7 tips. 

Look For The Secret Discount Code

Just because the site you shop from does not advertise a discount, do not assume it does not exist. Many shopping websites allow you to limit transactions from a retailer within seconds. A quick search on Google can tell you if the site you are about to buy from offers the best deal or not, type the name of the retailer with some search terms such as discounts or free shipping offers. In many cases, you can find valid discount codes to enter when the shipment is confirmed.

Buy from Websites That Does Not Impose Shipping Charges

Online shopping websites are not all the same. There are some sites that impose shipping charges and others don not. Avoiding the websites that impose shipping charges on online purchases will save a lot of money as shipping is expensive. Zappos.com is one of the best online shopping websites that they do not ask for shipping fees. In fact, this website supports retailers who offer free shipping only. It contains more than 4000 retailers.  

Shop on December 17th every year

Although this is not a rule, shopping on December 17th every year is one of the easiest ways to avoid shipping costs. Every December 17th   there is at least more than 1000 retailer engaged in guaranteeing that you receive your online purchases on Christmas Eve without any shipping charges

Shop Here and There

There are some things that are really good and real. Unfortunately, some sites that offer a free shipping service may be switching to the other side to try to cover their expenses as a result of shipping policies. Therefore you should look for shopping sites here and there to get discounts.

Google provides you with this in a few seconds, just type the name of the product you are considering, and use the online product comparison tools such as: Google Product Search, NexTag.com, BizRate.com, as the results will tell you all the details you need such as the retailers who offer this product on the Internet, its price, and whether free shipping will really be a lucrative deal to save money or not.

Dispense With The Broker

The current trend in online shopping is to buy products through the store directly, without the need of any intermediary or broker. You will obtain the product you selected from their store as soon as possible and the waiting period varies from place to place, but it does not take long. Some stores Transfer your shipment within a few hours.

Be A Fan

Free shipping and social media often coexist. Social Platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which have become part of our daily lives, are the best sources to get the latest shipping updates and stories. Retailers know that these social platforms spread like wildfire, so they want to maintain customer loyalty by creating rewards for those who become fans on Facebook or follow them on Twitter where they get exclusive offers and free shipping offers.

Time is Money

If you are not in haste to receive your goods and you can wait for a while until you get them, this will save you a lot of money. When you allow a minimum of 21 days for the shipment to arrive, you are significantly reducing shipping cost.  According to experts, retailers do this to ensure that the customer can wait. It takes up to three weeks to receive your shipment. This is because certain locations cannot be found every day, so you do not need to reduce the time of the shipment, which will cost you to pay more for shipping.

These are the best strategies to avoid shipping cost. Follow these tips in order to avoid shipping charges and enjoy free shipping.


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