5 factors shippers should consider before choosing a freight shipping mode

Freight Shipping Mode

There are four freight shipping methods to transport your commodities which are air freight, sea freight, road freight and rail freight. Each freight method affects operational and logistical decisions, and each modes performance is influenced by variables such as distance, topography, capacity, loading procedure and duration, and fuel consumption.
In order to help you choose the best freight method for your cargo, we provide you with these crucial factors that you should seriously take into consideration.

Goods damage

Shipments can be damaged by movement and acceleration. Freight containers experience acceleration forces when they are loaded at their terminal destination especially when they are transported by trains or trucks.
Rail freight and road freight produce more irregular accelerations than sea freight and air freight. Therefore, they may cause more damage to your goods.

Transit time

The transit time depends heavily on the journey of the shipment. If you are shipping locally, it is better to use road freight and rail freight. However, for international shipping, air freight is the fastest method of shipping.

Shipping cost

There are many factors that contribute to the cost of shipping including fuel, manpower, accidents, vehicle and equipment maintenance, regulatory compliance, accidents, profitability targets, and market share. You could check out the most competitive shipping rates at http://www.freight-comparator.com.

Fuel efficiency

It has been proven that sea freight shipping is the most efficient method of shipping when it comes to fuel consumption. Rail freight comes second. Road freight and air freight come successively in the third and the fourth place.  


Air freight is the safest method of both national and international shipping. It is the safest method for transporting your commodities around the world. However, it is also the most inexpensive method and it is size and weight limited.
Truck freight is considered the least safe method. It is definitely the cheapest method, yet, road freight transport accounts for the majority of serious claims and fatalities.


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