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Origin Destination Type Container Commodity Post date
CKY IKA Air- Gold bar 2020-07-06See more
Lisbon Chittagong SeaLCL Cosmetics,clothing 2020-07-05See more
KRT Ist Air- POS terminals 2020-07-05See more
Durban London SeaFCL - Container type 20GP Stone Sculptures 2020-07-03See more
Hangzhou Xiaoshan Int... Kotoka International Air- Women clothing 2020-06-30See more
shanghi tehran Air- 3-ply face mask 2020-06-30See more
shanghai baghdad Air- 3-ply face mask 2020-06-30See more
Tianjin Salalah SeaFCL - Container type 20GP 2020-06-29See more
CAI VVI Air- COVID19 SUPPLIES 2020-06-29See more
Shenzhen Long beach SeaFCL - Container type Soap dispensers 2020-06-25See more
Hong kong international... South san francisco... Air- Examination glove 2020-06-24See more
new Delhi metro airport Air- Cooking ware 2020-06-23See more
Detroit Metropolitan... Sanaa international... Air- Bath and body care 2020-06-23See more
Tianjin Malaga SeaFCL - Container type Tent material 2020-06-20See more

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