is a website bringing together advertisers. Freight-Comparator is not a freight forwarder. Our role is to connect a freight forwarder with an importer / exporter of goods. Freight-Comparator takes no commission between the affairs of both parties.

Freight-Comparator strives to offer web user, partners from around the world offering ocean freight services.

We strive to fill our database in order to offer a competent service but cannot guarantee you a result for each of the searches made using the search engine.

The prices shown are those provided by the shipping agents using their customer account. The prices shown are port to port prices, basic prices, not including any costs at departure and arrival of the boat. The user should contact the freight forwarder for more information if necessary. Freight-Comparator verifies on a daily basis whether the prices quoted correspond to the market price and that no fraudulent price attempt is considered by a partner, in particular allowing it to be at the top of the list in the search engine. Freight-Comparator can then remove this offer without warning and without the partner's agreement. However, if one or more fraudulent prices have not been detected by Freight-Comparator, the user is free to denounce this practice to FreightComparator customer service without being able to ask the partner and Freight-Comparator for any prejudice. Freight Comparator is not responsible for any disputes between the shipper and the freight forwarder. However, the shipper may warn Freight Comparator if he believes that a freight forwarder is engaging in unlawful conditions.

By registering as an advertiser you agree to provide accurate information, correct, legal and updated regularly, allowing the user to contact you and to initiate trade relations in the best conditions. To become an advertiser you must register from the "Register" link and after verification by our services your account will be accepted or refused within 72 hours. This information will be sent by email. If you have any queries regarding a technical request, a complaint, a suggestion, etc., please send an email to customer service. Two options are offered. Basic, it is free, it gives you access only to the directory of the members. Premium members, it gives you access to the Dashboard to offer your freight rates in the search engine and also respond to shipper price requests. It costs 600 euros per year, payable in one go on the Paypal platform, the payment is recurring, you can disable recurring payment in your Paypal account.It is a commitment of one year and not refundable for any reason. On request you can also pay by bank transfer.

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